Chocolate Ganesha Class Details

A student can join a group class of 4 people or opt for a private master class just for one student, where we really go deep in the subject.

It is a hands on personalised class. The student will learn everything from how to prepare the modelling chocolate for sculpting to all sculpting techniques, how to make jewellery and other intricate designs, how sculpt Ganpati’s features, his clothes, finishing techniques, how to paint and how to preserve the idol.

Not only you will be able to make your own Ganesha idols but also other chocolate sculptures as well after completing the class using the techniques learned in the class. You would be able to use modelling chocolate to decorate your cakes as well.

Requirements for Chocolate Ganesha classes

  1. An AC room to work in if you are in India or in a country with high temperatures and humidity
  2. Microwave
  3. Refrigerator
  4. Turn table (optional)
  5. Cake board 10/12 inches (base for ganesha idol)
  6. Print out of the ganesha templates sent by me
  7. Kitchen weighing scale (optional)
  8. Measuring tape/scale
  9. Compound/couverture chocolate 3 kg (keep aside around 100 grams for giving finishing touches)
  10. Karo light corn syrup 1 bottle 473ml
  11. Vessel to prepare the modelling chocolate
  12. Sculpting tools
  13. Kitchen knife
  14. Stamps of various designs to make the jewellery (optional)
  15. Corn flour 100 grams to dust the moulds/stamps
  16. Gold candy colour for the ornaments
  17. Small amount of evaporex to mix with the gold colour if it is in a powder form (you can also use vodka if you want)
  18. Different shades of candy colours for the clothes (optional)
  19. Black and white candy colours for the eyes (optional)
  20. Flat and round brushes of various sizes from 000 to 4
  21. Confectioners glaze (optional)
  22. Two small bowls to keep water and the melted chocolate
  23. Fondant Extruder (optional)
  24. Tissue box for cleaning
  25. laptop with a camera for the class
  26. Internet